Keeping Watch


She is the one who keeps watch over the rhythm of life,

fine tuning and re-tuning resonating the musical calm inside the chaos of the world.

She listens to the hum of all life, the heart pulse that holds the pattern.

She remembers and knows the patterns by heart.

From her tree of life there springs forth the life blood and seeds

that will create new patterns re-enforcing  what was, what  is, and what  will be.


from the original mixed media painting on paper  2008


This print is a digitally mastered ink jet copy of the original art. My Giclées are in limited number editions of 70. They are museum quality and printed on 100% rag paper with archival ink.

The Story Poem is included with the print.

Keeping Watch – 8.5 X 11, Image Area 8 X 9
Keeping Watch – 12 X 16, Image Area 11 X 12
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12 X 16, Image Area 10 X 13, 8.5 X 11, Image Area 7 X 9, 12 X 16, Image Area 11 X 12, 8.5 X 11, Image Area 8 X 9