Here is the Story:

I am the sister of the moon and kin to the silent owl in the night that seeks the sleeping bear.
Quiet and reverent in the exquisite wonder of life, with its cycles of death and birth.
Traveling through time, again and again,
With splendor and grace,
stumbling, again and again
I am here, recycled and transmuted for the glory of the earth and the earthbound things, that the Universal God Mind chooses to experience.
Ah, the beauty and depth of the dance that never ends.
So it is. And so, may it always be.

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Kin – 12 X 16, Image Area 10 X 13
Kin – 8.5 X 11, Image Area 7 X 9
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12 X 16, Image Area 10 X 13, 8.5 X 11, Image Area 7 X 9