Bear And Raven In Mind


Bear came into Mind while the universe was arranging and rearranging its self. A spark of inspiration, a fleeting thought from the great spirit of time out of mind.
The Great Dreaming has begun.
While the universe is in motion, in the dance of becoming, dancing to the music of the spheres, bouncing and bounding among and off of themselves, cause and effect in the chaos, bursting with the energy of stars exploding, flash and boom. In this cacophony,
…there is a stillness……
Somewhere in the mix of atoms and molecules colliding there is the alchemical possibility of quiet imagining, there is the essence of Bear. The essence of life, the impossibility of a living earth. In the random push and pull of chemical reactions, within the pause between, there is a thunder perfect thought…. In the Great Dreaming, Gaia as a living sentient garden of life held by Bear. Bear in the lap of Gaia in the lap of Bear holding on together in the sea change of creating something out of nothing, out of everything, out of stars, out of the impossible…. who is creating who? The great spirit mind leaning toward heart of matter, soul of mind reaching toward a thought. Bear arrives holding strong. A spark of knowledge, comprehension, and capability comes forth out of a yearning from within the great mind of the dreaming. It is Raven. Shape shifter, shape maker, imagineer, magic maker, trickster and companion to Bear. Raven brings the light and knows how to manifest thought and desire. Bear knows how to keep the patterns intact. Bear holds Gaia, Raven holds Bear.
They hold on together, even now, in the Great Dreaming.


from the original monotype 2019


This print is a digitally mastered ink jet copy of the original art. My Giclées are in limited number editions of 70. They are museum quality and printed on 100% rag paper with archival ink.

The Story Poem is included with the print.

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12 X 16, Image Area 10 X 13, 8.5 X 11, Image Area 7 X 9